Standing On The Corner

Red Burns




0:00:00 The Landing

0:03:38 Sellin Soap

0:08:11 Pass Time

0:08:43 I Remember

0:10:00 Recitation #1, nate sees the storm

0:10:29 A Siren Reimagined (That Awful Sound Pt.II)

0:12:18 Que Triste

0:13:37 Unhappy

0:14:07 Recitation #2, red burns comin!

0:14:45 Revelation, First Variation

0:16:03 Get It On !

0:20:38 Millyrock

0:21:57 Tricknology !

0:22:51 A Shame! aka Canned Pears

0:30:21 >:-)!

0:30:54 Tri ck nol o g y (written in white out)

0:32:17 Tribute For Malcolm (Allah)

0:33:13 Today’s Mathematics

0:35:38 Noise Complaint Skit

0:35:53 !Can I Kick It? wit Ah ah ah Brownie

0:36:26 Recitation #3, cleb sees the storm !

0:37:45 Tribute for Albert Ayler (Rejoice !)

0:38:15 SahBabii / Now, Nation End

0:41:05 :’-(

0:42:18 Recitation #4, what about the planet?

0:43:08 So I go bang bang and shoot

0:44:25 Wont U

0:47:35 Fiesta para San Lasaro Babalu

0:50:52 Recitation #5, the devil Meets Red Burns

0:51:28 Red Burns jumped the devil

0:52:01 Let Us Pray

0:52:53 U Remember

0:54:07 You Purified Me caveman

0:56:46 MIKE Sees The Storm

0:59:20 Take the ‘C’ Train

1:02:45 A Moment of Silence For You Bichass niggas


i seek refuge in the Lord at dawn, from the evil of that which He has created, and from the evil of intense lightness, when it comes, and from the evil of those who cast these suggestions in firm resolutions. dame la paciencia pa’que no me canses. bi-smi-llah al-Rahman al-Rahim.


Red burns comin yal, red burns comin1!!!,

cut us up with a carving night

never had such a supper in his life

as he went on chewing the bones



brown marv whoremonger.

slauson malone.

jackie the moon .


aja grantonthekeys.

clebypp youngestman.

ah ah ah brownie.



deblen cl .



pork in medina never play fair. do the knowledge. it ain't worth the headache yungin, the stress on Ma dukes having to go through that dam process to visit. cee smart, mysterious and very grateful , the island ain't nowhere close. we must hide our Kings in the future